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Ease, automation, cloud based reporting and endless integrations is why we exclusively use Xero.

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Replace Bookkeeping with Accounting.

Better reports, faster processing, no surprises with tax ready accounting.

Stop it.

If you are data entering payable invoices, using a paid stamp, losing receipts, reconciling to bank statements, manually calculating payroll or posting out your invoices:

Stop it. Save time. Get rid of the paper. Call MAD Business.

Think of us as your cloud based finance department. Free up your time to gain insight into your business, look for new oppotunities or simply get an extra 10 hours sleep a week.

Even if you already have another accounting package, the conversion is simple, the rewards are many.

Let one of our consultants propose a new way forward which makes a difference fast.

You'll ask "Why didn't I do this sooner?".


Accounting Services

Pay your bills on time.

Controlling who you pay and when is essential in maintaining relationships with suppliers. Just as important is knowing projected cashflow and timing. Let us design your payable process from receiving a quote and invoice to approval and payment. 

You can email Xero, take pictures of receipts, invoices and contracts with your phone and we attach them to transactions for full audit transparency. Peace of mind.

Our consultants know which expenses are claimable, how to set up fixed assets and depreciation, which means one touch allocation, no errors and no surprises. 

Cash in your bank sooner.

Invoice your customers efficiently, in detail and create an easy path to payment.

Let your MAD Business consultant discuss your requirements and propose a solution which integrates with Xero, automates reminders and gives you customer data in the palm of your hand.

Hate asking for money, let our team collect your outstanding debtors and improve your cashflow.

Relax and let it all happen.

Employment agreements, awards, timesheets, allowances, overtime, annual leave and sick leave tracking, payslips, superannuation, payroll tax and rebates, PAYG withheld, PAYG Summaries and ATO Reporting.


Let your MAD Business consultant design and implement a system which works for you. 

What will you do with all this time?

If it moves you can track it.

Whether you have multiple sites, jobs, cost centres, departments, categorised revenue or simply want to track employee performance, Xero has you covered.

More data means better reports, better decisions and the right focus of energy (time & money) to grow.

Good tracking is simply better business. Let your MAD Business consultant know you need something tracked and we will propose something simple and effective. 

It just keeps getting better. 

Keep stock of your results.

Control your inventory and maximise your revenue. The Xero inventory system gives you at hand stock valuation, stock levels and pricing for easy quoting and invoicing.

Attach photos of the stock items, the relevant contracts and supplier invoices.

Service based? Set your up your services as items, include head hour rates.

There are even Xero add ons for more complex inventory with multiple stores, component assembly or point of sale systems.

Month End Processes

Cash is king...and queen.

Managing cashflow is probably the most important function within a business. Even very profitable businesses can fail without astute cash management.

Bank reconciliations are essential and Xero has simplified this process dramatically. Automatic data feeds from banks and online payment systems like Paypal and Square means less processing time.

Discuss your cash processes and controls with a MAD Business consultant and see if a cashflow projection model will benefit you.

Stay on top of your cash.

Register your fixed assets.

Depreciation is a non-cash business expense which is the utilisaiton of your fixed assets like motor vehicles, computer and office equipment, furniture and fittings, leasehold improvements and tools and machines.

Let a MAD Business consultant set up your asset register and process your depreciation monthly to help provide a more accurate profit & loss and tax position.

Big business practices applied.

Month end is a combination of processes which provide a more accurate picture of the month's performance.

A MAD Business consultant can work through the processes which apply to you and can include: .

  • Accrued & Prepaid income and expenses
  • Provision for Annual Leave
  • Assessment of owner's drawings for additional expenditure
  • Full balance sheet reconciliations
  • Profit & Loss review



Taxation & Compliance

Find your perfect lodging.

I don't know a single person who likes collecting and paying GST for the purpose of remitting the balance to the ATO. Bit of a burden but it is an absolute. Let us take the stress out.

Remembering cash is king. A MAD Business consultant will reconcile the GST account monthly and project the cash impact of the ensuing BAS. Quarterly we will match it with the ATO to make sure there are no surprises.

Too frequently quarterly bookkeeping is pressured, and prior periods adjustments are missed causing under or overpayments. 

MAD Business can lodge your BAS at a discounted rate when you utilise our accounting services. 

Get a true and accurate view.

Following the completion of month end, a MAD Business consultant will assess YTD performance and project your annual net profit or in ATO terms your taxable income. They will then make a provision for taxation based on what has already been provided and recommend transfering funds to your tax account (set one up if you haven't already).

Unexpected income tax bills turn into ATO debts, turn into payment plans, turn into stress, resentment and sleepless nights.

This is tax ready accounting with no surprises.

Inegrate accounting with your annual tax return.

When you use our Xero accounting services, it integrates directly with Xero Tax (our system for lodging tax returns). 

This means less work for your MAD Business consultant and benefits you further with a discount on you annual tax return.

Ask your MAD Business consultant to include tax returns in your quote. 

Fixed Pricing Options

Here is some indicative pricing, however let's have a chat about what you need to customise (optimise) our service to your budget.



PER MONTH | 12 Months

Transfer Existing Data

2 x Bank Reconciliations

Month end review of transactions

Set up of Chart of Accounts

Standard Xero Subscription

Quarterly BAS Return

Preparation Annual Reports




PER MONTH | 12 Months

Transfer Existing Data

3 x Bank Reconciliations

Month end review of transactions

Set up Chart of Accounts

Set up Fixed Assets Register

Standard Xero Subscription

Payroll up to 2 Staff

Preparation PAYG Summaries

Monthly Superannuation

Monthly Reporting

Quarterly BAS Return

Preparation Annual Reports

2 Hours Phone Support




PER MONTH | 12 Months

Transfer Existing Data

All Bank Reconciliations

Month end review of transactions

Set up Chart of Accounts

Set up Fixed Assets Register

Premium 10 Xero Subscription

Payroll up to 10 Staff

Preparation PAYG Summaries

Annual Budgeting

Monthly Reporting

Quarterly BAS Return

Preparation Annual Reports

Annual Tax Reporting

5 Hours Phone Support

3 x Adhoc Reports

Tax Planning Consultation

1 x Adhoc Report