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Ways we can serve you.

from $165

By phone is the most popular of the methods of tax returns. It is the convenience of the hours 8am to 8pm 7 Days / Week and the fastidious preparation completed before the booked 15 minute call.


from $205

Available to the Central Coast of NSW customers only (at the moment), our consultants can come to you at your home, place of work or somewhere else (like a cafe). Your return is completed and lodged on the spot. Great if you like face to face service.


from $145

Lodge your information online, we then cross check it with the ATO data, check it against occupation averages and then call you to ask questions and optimise your return. Easy questions and takes about 7 minutes to complete for a simple return.


Types of Tax Returns


We'll have you jumping for joy. MAD Business offers a premium service with great results. We take the time to ask the right questions, optimise your return and ensure your satisfaction. We educate you a little and help you prepare for next year. It doesn't matter if you are one, two or ten years behind we can help and fast. 

You will also receive unlimited tax support for the remainder of the current financial year. Handy if you get a tax audit (touch wood) or if your situation changes.

Experience better.

BY PHONE $165 BY APPT $205 ONLINE $145

Investment Property

Offsetting your investment property loss against your employment income was probably part of your investment strategy. So it is important to ensure you have captured as many of your claimable expenses as possible, particularly if you have a tax varaition already in place. 

If you have recently purchased an investment property, it is a good idea to get in contact with us before the end of the financial year, March at the latest, to make sure you are well prepared. 

We are experts.

BY PHONE $245 BY APPT $285 ONLINE $225

Self Employed | Sole Trader

It's just like being employed but with a worse boss right? As a self employed person there are a number of simplified ways of accounting which can benefit you, especially handy if you are normal and don't have all of your paperwork.

If you are new to self employment and don't know where to start, we can help and do it all by email and phone.

You are not alone, we have your back.

BY PHONE $245 BY APPT $285 ONLINE $225

Small Business | Companies | Trusts

We get it. You're a business owner and busy. No matter what state your books are in we can help you get control back fast.

Let us lodge your outstanding BAS's, prepare your tax returns, finalise your Xero accounts and even liaise with the ATO on your behalf.

Before we offer any pricing we do need to have a chat and assess how we can best serve your needs and your budget.

Book in your free chat and we will provide you with a quote.


FREE Inclusions

FREE Unlimited Tax Support

With every tax return you will receive unlimited tax support over the phone and email until the end of the current financial year. If you are thinking of investing in property, have a question about capital gains tax or (touch wood) you receive a tax audit, we have your back.

Hidden Cash - FREE 2 year Review

As part of our normal process we will review the prior 2 years returns to see if you have claimed everything you could have. This is particularly handy if you have done them yourself. It could be worth hundreds or even thousands in amended refunds.

FREE Membership | Secure Login

Receive your own private log in where we save all of your documentation for easy access should you require it for a loan etc. You will also be able to access MAD Business content, tools and courses from within this private log in to help get you in a better place in 12 months.

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Fee From Refund | Nothing Up Front

Don't want to pay the fee upfront? No problem. We can deduct our fee from your refund, provided you do not have an outstanding debt with the ATO, Child Support Agency or Human Services. This service will be an additional $40.

Fees Payment

At the completion of our service and prior to lodgement with the ATO, you will be required to make a payment by debit or credit card, or EFT. No cash payments. MAD Business has partnered with Square to process payments securely.

Digital Signatures

Gone are the days of printing your return out, signing, scanning and emailing it back. You will receive an email from Signeasy with instructions on how to sign the documents on your desktop, tablet or phone. Easy right.


It is important we confirm you are who you say you are. So we may ask for other forms of ID to safeguard you, or ask questions that only you will know the answer to.


Couples $10 Discount

Preparing tax returns for couples saves time and ensures we have the correct spouse details and income. MAD Business will provide you with a $10 discount off both returns with a phone or face to face appointment.

Employees only.

BY PHONE $145 BY APPT $185

Flatmates $10 Discount

Live with people? If you and your flatmates have MAD Business complete your tax returns all at once over the phone or by face to face appointment (Central Coast only), each of you will receive a $10 discount.

Employees only.

BY PHONE $145 BY APPT $185